Holt Brothers Flag Football Tournament

DHG is proud to support the Holt Brothers Foundation.
DHG is proud to support the Holt Brothers Foundation.

DHG - Game of Throws

Why is DHG supporting the Holt Brothers Foundation? Because we want to help kids who have a parent with cancer. 

Torry and Terrence Holt were NC State football stars who went on to successful careers in the National Football League. Their early years were not easy ones. Torry was 10 and Terrence was six when their mother was diagnosed with lymphoma. Like many households, her cancer was not discussed. Torry and Terrence grew up fearing the loss their mom.

“When you’re that young, you don’t understand,” says Torry. “You don’t understand what cancer is, what it does or why people are sad and upset. I remember lying in bed and crying myself to sleep because you associate cancer with death. I thought my mom would be gone the next day.”

Torry and Terrence’s mom passed away 10 years after her initial diagnosis. Her battle with cancer profoundly impacted both of them. At the time, Torry was a football star at NC State and Terrence was in high school.

When Torry was drafted by the NFL, he made a promise to remember his mom – and the Holt Brothers Foundation was born. The Holt Brothers Foundation is dedicated to supporting children who have a parent with cancer. The Foundation supports KidsCan!, a program that provides education, emotional support, peer empathy and inspiration during monthly group meetings. Working with Duke Cancer Institute, UNC REX Healthcare Cancer Center, Cone Health Cancer Center at Alamance Regional and Siteman Cancer Center, facilitators help kids understand the disease and deal with their emotions. The kids also benefit by knowing they are not alone. The Foundation also supports Camp Kesem, a sleep-away camp for children ages 6–16, all of whom have a parent with cancer. There are local chapters at NC State, Duke and UNC.

Why flag football?

From the time they were kids, Terrence and Torry were part of a team. Through sports, they learned about teamwork, motivation, bonding, leadership and how to bring out a teammate’s hidden talents. Now we’ve been invited to share their experience at the ultimate corporate team-building event — the Holt Brothers Flag Football Tournament, a benefit for the Holt Brothers Foundation. Not only will we be supporting children who have a parent with cancer, but our company will benefit as well. We are fundraising in addition to competing in a 16-team tournament on May 21 at NC State. We’re pumped and ready to win it all (football AND fundraising) so challenge accepted! What can you do to help us? Please help cheer us on and donate to the cause.

Thank you!

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